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Jello Pine | All-Purpose Gel | 5 Litre

Jello Pine | All-Purpose Gel | 5 Litre

Sparkle+ | Glass, Mirror & VDU Cleaner | 5 Litre | HK10

Sparkle+ | Glass, Mirror & VDU Cleaner | 5 Litre | HK10

Supershine | 'Wet Look' Floor Sealer Polish | 5 Litre

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A high quality acrylic polymer-based metallised floor polish, which dries to a deep gloss and burnishes to an outstanding ‘wet look’ finish, with excellent slip resistance.
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Supershine ‘Wet Look’ is our high solids polymer floor sealer and polish. Incorporated within the formula are special polymers to produce the ‘wet look’ finish. The first coat seals the floor and the second coat gives the gloss. A third coat can be applied for a super high gloss. Suitable for use on all resilient floors, such as PVC, linoleum, thermoplastic floors, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, asphalt, terrazzo, marble and stone.

Floor Preparation: To achieve best results the floor must be thoroughly cleaned prior to application to remove dirt, grease and old polish. Use Superstrip to strip old polish from floor if needed. Once cleaned / stripped the floor must be cleaned with a neutraliser or water to obtain a neutral pH. Allow floor to dry thoroughly before application.

Designed for professional use.

How to use: With each coat, apply a thin film of Supershine ‘Wet Look’ with a polish applicator or mop. Always ensure to use the ‘figure 8 method’ along with a microfibre or cotton/rayon blended mop to achieve the smoothest coverage. Allow each coat to dry for 30 minutes before applying additional coat(s). Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the floor, generally Supershine ‘Wet Look’ will cover around 250 sqm. of floor

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